Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 SS Lenses [EF/PL]

Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed compact Primes – (35/50/85; T1.5) are a great choice of lenses whether you’re filming commercials, TV or film, where first-rate colour rendition and high contrast in all different sorts of filming scenarios, such as low-light, are imperative. The Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed show less aberration which results in overall better image quality; images appear much sharper and show a much higher contrast. These lenses are also full-frame and are equipped with an interchangeable lens mount system for use with a variety of cameras ranging from SLR to professional cinema cameras. Finally, their fast aperture grants an array of options when shooting in low light environments or when aiming for a cinematic shallow depth of field, and they flawlessly complement the standard speed full set.

Please specify what mount you want when booking.

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Advanced handle of low-light and night conditions

More possibilities for cinematic shallow depth-of-field

Especially effective in low-light with higher ISO cameras

Limits the need for artificial light and produces natural looks

Provides complete coverage of full frame 24 x 36 size sensors

300° manual focusing ring rotation allows precise follow-focusing


Two aspheric lens elements and two special types of glass

T* coating and internal light traps very exceptionally handle flare

Fourteen iris blades open up consistently circular across all T-stops

Achieves smooth bokeh and impressive highlights in out-of-focus areas

Features an interchangeable mount system

Standard focus / iris gears for follow-focus compatibility

Works with all 24 x 36 sensor cameras, like the 5D and 1DC

Consistent front diameter and color-matched with the rest of the CP.2 family