Cooke Varotal Zoom Lens

If you want that classic vintage softness and texture then the Cooke Varotal zoom lens should be the next thing on your kit wish list! 

Want a quick history lesson? Of course you do! Well, the classic 20-100mm Cooke Varotal zoom lens was designed by Gordon H. Cook and released in 1971. Paving the way for the rest, it was the first high quality zoom designed for professional motion picture photography that made use of an entirely new design concept that has been used as the basis for all Cooke zoom lenses produced since then. 

It has the distinctive ‘Cooke Look’ with its beautiful organic qualities, emphasising skin tones and textures while giving a slight softness. This would make a great pairing with some of our other vintage lenses such as our Cooke Speed Pancros. Like the sound of this? Give us a call now to chat about this and our other glass options!

Why not pair this with our Arri Alexa Mini to complete the cinema look?

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Varotel Zoom Lens Specs

Focal length: 20-100mm
Speed: T3.1
Close focus: 355mm
Front diameter: 140mm
Weight: 6kg