The C-Stand is a sturdy and reliable support system that provides stability and flexibility for various lighting and camera setups. We have both 40″ and 20″ c-stands, which come with gobo arms, knuckles and turtle bases. It also features a unique sliding leg design, which enables it to be used as a boom arm for overhead lighting setups or for holding reflectors. Equipped with a standard 5/8″ stud it’s compatible with a wide range of equipment.

40″ C Stand

  • 40″ GoboArm
  • Knuckle
  • Turtle Base

20″ C Stand

  • 20″ GoboArm
  • Knuckle
  • Turtle Base
40" C-Stand

Weight: 6Kg
Max. Load Capacity: 10Kg
Max. Height: 321cm
Min. Height: 135cm

20" C-Stand

Weight: 3.72Kg
Max. Load Capacity: 10Kg
Max. Height: 160cm
Min. Height: 50.8cm