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Combo Risers

These sturdy and reliable risers are ideal for a variety of heavyweight lighting set ups. We offer two Combo Riser sizes: Double Combo Risers and Triple Combo Risers. Double Risers have a maximum extension of 345.4cm and also take a slightly higher maximum load of 40KG. Triple Risers have a maximum load of 30KG, however they offer a higher maximum extension of 450.8cm. Both stands feature a combination of a junior receiver and a baby pin, allowing for compatibility with various camera accessories and support systems.

  • Double Combo Riser
  • Triple Combo Riser 
Triple Combo Riser

Weight: 14kg
Max. Load Capacity: 30Kg
Max. Height: 450cm
Min. Height: 137cm

Double Combo Riser

Weight: 12kg
Max. Load Capacity: 40Kg
Max. Height: 345cm
Min. Height: 125cm