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Mega Boom Arm

The Mega Boom is a versatile and heavy-duty boom arm that can support a wide range of equipment, with a maximum extension of up to 360 cm, this boom arm can easily reach over large objects or subjects to provide a unique perspective or lighting angle. It’s made of durable aluminium, which makes it strong yet lightweight and easy to transport. The Mega Boom also features an adjustable counterweight system that helps balance the weight of the attached equipment, ensuring stability and safety around it. The Mega Boom is excellent for rigging on a different axis with a heavy load, and offers the ability to pan, tilt and rotate using a crank handle for smooth operation.

  • Manfrotto 425B Mega Boom Arm 
  • Manfrotto E200 Stand Adapter
  • Shot Bag
  • Safety Cable Black 


Max. Load Capacity


Max. Extension


Min. Extension

50 cm