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Net Silk Flag Kit

Introducing the Net Silk Flag kit, a versatile tool for controlling and diffusing light. This kit includes a selection of high-quality net silk flags that allow you to achieve the desired level of diffusion and softening of light for your shots. From subtle softening to a more pronounced and dreamy look, this kit has you covered. Use the flags to diffuse harsh lighting, reduce contrast, and create a flattering and ethereal look.

  • x1 18″x24″ Black Solid Flag
  • x1 18″24″ Single Scrim (Green)
  • 1x 18″24″ Double Scrim (Red)
  • 1x 18″24″ Silk (Yellow)
  • 1x 18″x24″ Cucoloris-Cello
18"24" Single Scrim (Green)

Light loss: 0.6 Stops

18"24" Double Scrim (Red)

Light loss: 1.2 Stops

18"24" Silk (Yellow)

Light loss: 1.6 Stops