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PoleCat/ AutoPole

The PoleCat, also known as the AutoPole, is a versatile support system, with its adjustable height and quick locking mechanism, it can be easily set up and used for mounting cameras, lights, backdrops, and other accessories. The PoleCat’s unique design allows it to be used as a standalone support system, or it can be attached to existing structures such as walls or ceilings using its expanding ends. Its sturdy construction can support a variety of lighting equipment, making it an essential piece to have when looking for an easy way to quickly mount lights giving you new ways to creatively light a scene. This Autopole has a minimum extension of 2.1m to a maximum of 3.7m, making it compact when shorten enough for easy transportation.

  • Auto Pole/Polecat 7-12FT 


Max. Load Capacity


Max. Extension


Min. Extension