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Aputure LS 600X

With a maximum output of 26,500 lux at 1 meter, this light is capable of lighting up large areas while maintaining accurate colour reproduction with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96+. Having a maximum output of 600 watts, this light is perfect for larger sets and outdoor shoots. The LS 600X is also fully customisable, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K and adjust the light intensity from 0-100% with smooth and accurate dimming. Additionally, it offers several lighting effects including strobe, lightning, paparazzi and fire, providing you with the opportunity to add some extra flare to your shots. The LS 600X also features advanced Bluetooth mesh connectivity, allowing you to control multiple lights from your smartphone or tablet with ease.

The LS 600X is designed with convenience in mind, featuring an intuitive user interface with built-in effects, dimming controls and the Sidus App, for the extra creative control on your light. Additionally, the light is compatible with a wide range Bowen Mount accessories, including the Aputure Fresnel, the Light Dome II and Spotlight.

  • APUTURE 600 X Pro
  • Aputure 600 X Pro Ballast /Control Box
  • 1x 5pin Head Power Cable 7.5m, 1x 13Amp Neutrik AC Cable
  • Aputure RC1+ Remote Control
  • Cylindric Reflector
Light Source

600W LED's





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