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Falconeyes F7

The FalconEyes F7 is a versatile and compact LED panel that packs a punch with its powerful output and wide range of colour temperature options. It features 256 LED beads that produce a colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 95, ensuring accurate and lifelike colour reproduction. The F7 is adjustable from 2500K to 9000K and can be dimmed from 100% down to 1%, giving you complete control over the light output. It’s also flicker-free, making it an ideal choice for shooting slow-motion footage.

This LED panel comes with a variety of accessories, including a diffuser, grid and gel holder. The F7 can be powered via AC adapter or Sony NP-F style batteries, giving you the flexibility to shoot on location without worrying about power availability. It can be controlled via DMX, Bluetooth or the built-in OLED display. It’s small enough to be mounted on a camera or used as a handheld light, but also powerful enough to be used as a key light!

  • F7 Pocket Light
  • 1x 13A Plug Adaptor, 1x USB – USB-C Cable
  • 1x White  Diffusion 
  • 1x Eggcrate
  • 1x Articulating Arm
  • 1x Ball Head
Light Source

12W LED's





Colour Temp.


Beam Angle