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Litemat Plus 4

The Litemat Plus 4 is a robust Bi-Colour LED panel; a perfect soft source light and a hardback alternative to our Aladdin Bi-Flex 4. It’s an exceptionally bright, light-weight light panel, with 2304 CineMitter LEDs meaning an extended Kelvin range.

Our kit includes a polyskirt, full, half and quarter diffusions and the Litemat 4 Parasquare grid. In addition, the LiteDimmer Plus (an AC/DC power supply and dimmer) gives you the option of powering the Litemat via mains or batteries and the dual battery unit also means you can hotswap. The LiteDimmer+ has rugged housing and includes several mounting options for attaching clamps or brackets.

The Litemat Plus 4 has several effects settings. You can use a pin to scroll through the internal prog button to stream standard effects such as lightning, paparazzi or strobe; additionally, you can customise your Litemat dimmer to programme in different modes: to alter stops of light, to allow for more precise dimming or to control the brightness of tungsten and daylight independently.

With a high CRI of 95+, the Litemat Plus 4 is the perfect key light for interviews, music videos or other minimal setups.

  • LiteMat+ Plus 4 Light Head
  • Metal Attatchment Plate 
  • LiteMat+ Plus 4 Ballast
  • 2x V-Lock Plates 
  • 1x LitePower Supply AC Adapter, 1x LiteMat Header Cable, 1x 10A IEC Cable
  • Polyskirt
  • LiteMat+ Parasquare
  • Quick Release Spigot Mount 
  • Quarter, Half and Full Diffusion
Light Source

200W LED's





Colour Temp.


Beam Angle