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LiteMat Spectrum 2L

The LiteMat Spectrum 2L is a versatile LED lighting panel that can be used for a variety of lighting scenarios on set. With a slim profile and lightweight design, it’s easy to mount and position in tight spaces. This 2-foot by 4-foot panel packs a punch with an output of up to 4,320 lumens, a high CRI rating of 95+ and adjustable colour temperature from 2000K to 11000K, as well as a selection of customisable effects such as fire, police, paparazzi, etc. Its intuitive interface allows for easy control of brightness and colour, and the built-in wireless DMX option makes it easy to integrate into any lighting setup. The LiteMat has a weather-resistant design, and a built-in dimmer, as well as full spectrum RGBW colour control for even more flexibility on set.

  • LiteMat Spectrum 2L Light Head
  • 2x Spectrum Pixel Driver Plates 
  • LiteMat Spectrum 2L Ballast
  • 1x LitePower Supply AC Adapter + Cable, 1x LiteMat Header Cable, 1x 10A IEC Cable
  • Polyskirt
  • LiteMat Spectrum Parasquare
  • Quick Release Spigot Mount with Ballhead
  • Metal Litegear Attachment Plate 
  • Quarter, Half and Full Diffusion
Light Source

100W LED's


RGB+W with Hue and Saturation Control



Colour Temp.


Beam Angle