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Power Distro

Whether you’re working on a film set, event production, or any other project that demands reliable and organised power supply, our power distribution solutions have got you covered. Our power distribution equipment ensures seamless distribution of power to your various camera and lighting equipment, eliminating the need for multiple power sources and messy cable setups. Our units come equipped with multiple outlets, allowing you to connect and power up your cameras, lights, monitors, and other essential gear simultaneously.

  • 13-16Amp Jumper
  • 13Amp 5M 2-way
  • 13Amp 5M 4-way
  • 13Amp 10M 4-way
  • 13Amp 25M 4-way Reel
  • 16-13Amp 4-way
  • 16-13Amp Jumper
  • 16Amp 5M
  • 16Amp 10M
  • 16Amp 15M
  • 16Amp Y Cord