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Aputure Light Dome 150

Aputure Modifiers are essential lighting accessories: whether you’re going for a soft, diffused light or a focused, directional beam, Aputure modifiers can help you achieve the look you want.  They are easy to attach and detach from your lights, as they feature a Bowens mount for more universal compatibility. The Aputure 150 Light Dome is a softbox that produces a large, diffused light source or a wide beam angle that can light up large areas with ease. It also features a removable outer diffuser for added versatility, allowing you to adjust the amount of diffusion based on your needs.

  • Aputure 150 Light Dome
  • Full Difusion
  • Half difusion
  • Egg Crate

1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop

Beam Angle


Accessory Mount

Standard Bowens Mount