Stella Pro 10,000c

The Stella Pro 10,000c is a powerful compact LED light; an essential tool for run and gun filmmakers. Attach it to one of our MōVI’s and attach the MōVI to a drone and you have a highly powerful overhead light source that can be used in a day or night setting.

Equivalent to a 200w HMI, the Stella Pro 10,000c’s professional durability and water resistant design allows the light to be utilised for on-location shoots with a quick setup. Stella Pro’s smooth, even, 120-degree beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a light that renders colours beautifully with consistent, reliable, regulated output. The 10,000c also features a variable speed fan that cools the light when lumens exceed 5000.


Certified TLCI 93, CRI 90, CCT 5000 Kelvin
Output up to 20,580 Lux at 1 Meter
Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design
Regulated lumen output – does not fade during use
Continuous dimming with control ring
Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
Controlled focus from 120° down to 50° & 25°
OLED Digital Display for precise readout
Runs off AC or 24V DC supply

Included in our kit:
Dtap Cable
Profoto Adapter
Barn Doors Light Modifier
50° Optic
25° Fresnel, 82mm
3″ Speed Ring Gel Holder, 82mm
Dome Diffuser DM
External Power Supply 24V 140W

Take a look at this video to see the light in action!