V-Lock Belt

Looking for that extra power to keep you going whilst on the go? Let us help you keep your batteries close by, and we mean, very close by – like, on your body close by. Here at Feral, we know that there have been all too many a time when we wished we could have a v-lock in our pocket. But v-locks are chunky things and no pockets are that big (or that strong), so we got creative! Custom made in house by our clever team, we took an IDX A-E2DT-2N v-lock battery plate, stuck it on a durable velcro waist belt and added some pouches and clips. The belt is super comfy, fits all sizes and is very secure – you won’t be losing this whilst running across that sports field, monitor or camera in hand. It also looks kinda cool and rugged (and hey, you can always have your phone topped up with charge when wearing this)!  The v-lock plate has d-tap out ports of course and fits all standard v-lock battery sizes.

You should probably grab some batteries to stick on the belt – otherwise what’s the point?

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v-lock belt Specs

Belt size: one size fits all
V-lock plate: IDX A-E2DT-2N
V-lock plate dimensions: 3.54(W)x5.59(H)x1.26(D) inches
D-tap ports: 2