Arri Alexa 4:3 Plus

High-speed PL mounted CMOS super 35mm 2k Arri Alexa 4:3 Plus camera with the ability to shoot up to 120 fps. The sensor is native 4:3 and great for anamorphic lenses but cropped 16:9 is also an option. The Arri Alexa Plus uses high-end technology with a streamlined mainstream workflow. You can shoot high end 1080p video at 50p onto SxS Cards with the camera and have it encoded in Final Cut Pro native codecs (Apple’s ProRes 4:2:2 and ProRes 4:4:4) to allow editing as you shoot without conversion.

The ALEXA Plus 4:3 joins the ALEXA Studio and ALEXA M, which already have 4:3 sensors, rounding out a line-up that now represents the perfect solution for anamorphic productions. The Studio might typically function as an A-camera, the Plus 4:3 as a B-camera and the M as a compact, versatile C-camera.

With the ALEXA 4:3 cameras, the full area of the sensor is used and a much higher image quality retained. In addition, the unique optical characteristics of anamorphic lenses – the magic at the heart of anamorphic cinematography – are rendered faithfully and fully in the digital image.

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