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The Kryten Helmet Rig

The Kryten Helmet Rig is our world-famous helmet POV rig. The Kryten kit includes a V-lock plate, various grip accessories such as a 15mm rod mount, 15mm bars, a safety cable, a noga arm which can be attached to the front or back of the helmet (ideal for adding a monitor for the operator), and a neck pillow for support and comfort whilst shooting.

You even can rig a monitor, a teradek and a follow focus to the helmet for precise shooting. Why not come in and test the helmet rig with your set up?

If you have other requirements (i.e. if you’re looking to shoot POV with an Alexa Mini), get in touch regardless! We have other rigs that work with heavier cameras.

  • Kryten Helmet Rig
  • IDX A-E2DT-2 V-lock Plate
  • Cabeau Neck Padding 
  • Medium Noga Arm 
  • Rycote 037302 Shoe Adaptor 
  • DV Mount with Single Grip
  • 1x Long 15mm Bar, 1x Short 15mm Bar 
  • Safety Chain
  • D-tap Splitter
Max. Payload

Up to 2.5Kg

Camera size


Crew required

1 Person