EW100 G3 Sennheiser Radio Mic

Wireless mics are handy things and they can be the answer when you can’t quite get close in enough with that boom mic. The EW100 G3 Sennheiser radio mic is a very popular bit of kit for the videographer and the one-person-band filmmakers. They typically work right out of the box—without requiring you to fiddle around with the settings too much and is small, lightweight and very quick and easy to setup. The EW100 G3 Sennheiser radio mic receiver easily fits onto the top of any camera, using a hot shoe connector plate (which also has a 1/4″ screw input for using a noga arm or similar) and the receiver has a belt clip for simple attachment onto the talent. One of the great things about this mic is the long battery life and easy to find AA batteries, so you will never get caught short in the middle of your shoot!

The usable radio frequencies on this unit are 606-648 MHz but Ch 38 is only 606.500 – 613.500 MHz. The lavalier microphone has a frequency response of 80-18000Hz with an omnidirectional pickup pattern and the lavalier mic input and XLR outputs are connected using 3.5mm jacks, allowing for other connection options.

Our kit includes a bodypack transmitter fitted with a lavalier mic and a camera receiver unit with XLR and mini-jack out. The mic comes with a clip and a little windshield. We also provide a cable to plug in to a camera that only has 3.5mm mini-jack mic input such as a Canon 5D or Sony A7s.

Why not use this mic with our Sony A7s mk iii?

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EW100 G3 Sennheiser Specs

Receiver: 82 x 64 x 24 mm
Transmitter: 82 x 64 x 24 mm, 105 x 43 x 43 mm
Weight: Receiver: 160g, transmitter: 160g

Quick look features:
1440 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
Reliable transmission and extended range due to high RF output power
Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when transmitter is turned off
Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies
Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings
HDX compander for crystal-clear sound
Transmitter and receiver feature “Low Battery” indicators
Mute function for the transmitter