We are Feral Equipment, a boutique film equipment rental facility based in North West London, renting to the best in the film and television industry since 2006.

We specialise in making custom rigs and in providing camera, lighting, grip and sound equipment to service your shoot. We pride ourselves in providing great support for filmmakers on every level. We’ve been on set, we know what you need. All the kit, all the support, all the love.

Looking to craft an elaborate POV shot? To shoot Birdseye view over a bathtub or build a complicated car rig set up? Whatever your shooting ambitions, we are here to help. Call or email us and our team of technicians and bookers will be at hand to assist you in bringing your shooting dreams to life. Or better yet; come in and play with our kit to get a hands-on feel of what you want. You can also book out our in-house studio for your smaller studio shoots or to test your set up.

Our in-house technicians know our kit like the back of their own hands, plus they can double up as crew at your request.

Let us know how we can help you!

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