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RT Motion MK3.1 WLCS

The RT Motion gives you solid, reliable, precision wireless control of lenses with powerful and very quiet motors. The controller has simultaneous 4 Axis control as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), with optional force-joystick and has an OLED screen with easy to use menu systems. The receiver can take up to three motors and also supports run/stop for most cameras (Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Venice, Red Epic, Blackmagic etc). The motors, built with a brushless vector drive lens, have an adjustable compensation for zero-backlash and perfect accuracy even on worn lenses (and we know how we love to use those older vintage lenses these days!) and can be mounted on either side of the camera.

Our kit comes with an RT Motion controller, receiver, motors (you can have it with a single motor or up to as many as three), marking discs, extra gears, batteries and all necessary cables.

  • RT Motion MK3.1 Controller
  • RT Motion MK3.1 Receiver
  • 3x RT Motion MK3.1 Motor
  • 3x Canon LP-E6 Batteries + Charger
  • 3x 4 Pin Lemo Motor Cable, 1x Wired Mode – 5 Pin Lemo Cable
  • 1x Dtap – Hirose Power Cable, 1x LANC Cable – Hirose to Mini Jack
  • 1x Power Cable for Arri Alexa, 1x Run/Stop cable for Arri RS, 1x Run/Stop cable for Red Epic, 1x Run/Stop for Sony
  • 6x White Marking Discs
  • Lanyard

Motor: 212g
Receiver: 118g