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Contax Zeiss 60mm Macro

The Contax Zeiss 60mm Macro is a fantastic lens, capable of going all the way to 1:1 Macro magnification whilst also covering a large format sensor like our Sony FX6 or Alexa Mini LF.

The Contax Zeiss Super Speeds are incredibly similar to the Zeiss Super Speeds; both sets of lenses have the same glass, coating, and general design with expressive bokeh’s and both operate fully manually with hard-stops. The Contax Zeiss Super Speeds however, have the advantage of being smaller bodied and more light-weight, making them the perfect choice when looking to decrease the overall weight of your camera set up or for use with gimbals.

  • Contax Zeiss 60mm Macro F/2.8

Close Focus: 11”
Coverage: Full Frame
Front Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 0.57kg