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Feral Chest Rig

The Feral Chest Rig is the ultimate companion for capturing breathtaking point-of-view footage. This innovative rig is designed to securely mount your camera, providing a locked perspective relative to your torso. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, the Feral Chest Rig ensures stability and comfort, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning shots without any distractions.

Particularly suited to shots with more strenuous movement, as it puts less stress on the wearers neck than our helmet rig. It’s perfect for capturing intense action sequences, immersive or dynamic sports footage. The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit for all body types, while the quick-release mechanism enables hassle-free setup and removal.

The Feral Chest Rig is compatible with most cameras, all the way up to an Alexa Mini LF, but will be more comfortable with smaller cameras like the FX3 or Rialto front extension.

  • Chest Armour
  • Neck Piece
  • Rosette Support Bars 
  • V-Lock Plate
Max. Payload

Up to 7Kg

Camera Size


Crew Required

1 Person