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Feral Arm Rig

The Feral Arm Rig is the final word in arm mounted camera solutions, allowing you to mount cameras like our C-Mount modified Sony RX0ii securely to your arm, enabling you to capture shots of your hand in motion while keeping it locked relative to the arm.

The Feral Arm Rig’s quick and straightforward setup makes it an ideal companion for both seasoned professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its intuitive mounting system effortlessly accommodates the Sony RX0ii camera, providing a sturdy platform for capturing stunning visuals. With this rig, you can confidently experiment with various angles and perspectives, adding a unique touch to your storytelling.

Check it out in action in the IDLES music video for WAR here

  • Arm Rig
Max. Payload

Up to 1Kg

Camera Size


Crew Required

1 Person