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Jackal Rickshaw

The Jackal Rickshaw is a lightweight, portable camera Rickshaw, perfect for use when running around on uneven terrain or for use in wet weather when you need to follow your subject and keep your footage looking smooth at the same time.

The Rickshaw enables the operator to be pushed or pulled by a key grip to facilitate and smoothen complicated shots, specifically over uneven surfaces.

The Jackal Rickshaw rig is the perfect rig for when you have limited time or budget or lack the space to lay down traditional track. You can pair it with our Ronin 2 or operate handheld sitting on the Rickshaws’ convenient seat. Our kit comes with the option of adding a raptor arm and vibration isolator for even smoother filmmaking.

Additionally, our kit comes with a tire pump and the option of adding balloon tires.

  • Jackal Rickshaw
  • 2x Standard Jackal Wheels, 2x Small Jockey Wheels
  • Scaffold Mount 
  • Jackal Seat
  • Support Brace
  • 2x 3.5ft Black Scaffold Poles
  • Helmet
  • Oasser Battery Powered Inflator
  • Balloon Wheels (Optional Extra)
Max. Payload