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Aputure LS 600C

The Aputure LS 600C is a powerful LED light panel with a color temperature range of 2,300K – 10,000K.  It boasts a high CRI and TLCI rating, ensuring accurate colour reproduction and excellent colour fidelity. This light is incredibly versatile, featuring built-in effects such as lightning, TV, paparazzi, etc. The LS 600C also features an adjustable beam angle, dimming control and comes with a variety of light shaping tools, allowing you to customise the light output to your specific needs. Some of these shaping tools include a standard reflector, a hyper-reflector and a softbox.

The LS 600C features an intuitive interface with an OLED display that shows you all the settings at a glance, and a built-in wireless receiver that allows you to control the light from your smartphone or tablet using the Sidus Link app. The light also comes with a Bowens mount for attaching a variety of light modifiers!

  • Aputure LS 600C Pro
  • Aputure LS 600C Pro Ballast /Control Box
  • 1x 5pin Head Power Cable 7.5m, 1x 13Amp Neutrik AC Cable
  • Aputure RC1+ Remote Control
  • Cylindric Reflector
Light Source

600W LED's





Colour Temp.

2,300K – 10,000K

Beam Angle