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MoVI Pro

One of the standout features of the Movi Pro is its versatility. This camera stabiliser can be used with a wide range of cameras, from lightweight mirrorless cameras to heavy cinema cameras, making it an excellent choice for any filmmaker. It’s also incredibly easy to set up, with its quick-release system allowing you to switch between camera setups in a matter of seconds.

The Movi Pro’s three-axis stabilisation system provides smooth, fluid movement, allowing you to capture stunning footage that’s free from shake and judder. This system is incredibly responsive and can be customised to suit your specific shooting requirements. The Movi Pro also features a built-in pan and tilt control, allowing you to achieve precise camera movements with ease.

  • MoVi Pro Gimbal
  • Orange TB50 Battery Plates 
  • 6x TB50 Battery + 4-Way Charging Hub
  • Mimic Controller with Handles
  • Monitor Mount 
  • 8x 100G Counterweights
  • Accessory Arm Mounts 
  • 1x Alexa Mini D-tap Power Cable, 1x Red D-tap Power Cable, 1x 2 Pin – D-tap Splitter, 1x D-tap – USB Adaptor
  • 1x 24V 2 Pin – 2 Pin Cable
  • 1x Red Control Cable, 1x Red Flexi EVF Cable, 1x Movi Pro Lanc Serial Cable
  • 1x Skinny BNC Cable, 1x USB – USB C Cable, 1x Micro USB – USB C Cable


Max. Load Capacity



2 Hours